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Apart from providing quality social media branding, traffic, authority and management services - we also have a collection of products that will help you learn more about various social media avenues. These are in the form of ebooks, video training and various other packages that will help you educate yourself and grow your business via social media. Buy any of our products at a special discount price only today...

Simple Ad Spy

Uncover ads from any advertisers or websites on Facebook, find their most popular and profitable ads in just 2 clicks. This tool uncovers campaigns run by your competitors - whether they are posts, pages or timeline ads, just enter your site URL, enter a niche keyword and one click = you will get 100s of real live ads in seconds.

Price : $ 27

WP Freshstart

With WP Freshstart you can launch wordpress site in just 1- Click . The software automatically adds legal pages and disclaimers, creates about us, contact us and even installs many must have plugins and themes. No more wasting time setting up WP sites, click click and DONE.

Price : $ 37

Simple Site Booster

Have a brand new site or an existing site that needs more rankings, more backlinks? Simple Site Booster will instantly boost your site by telling over 1000 top websites about your new site and start generating organic backlinks for you. This makes top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing notice your site faster, index it within 24hours and get you rankings easily.

Price : $ 27

Article Buddy

If you don't want to write content yourself, and don't want to spend enormous amounts of money hiring content writers, then don't despair. Finally you can press a simple button and get 100% unique, readable content - Every Time! Get unlimited content with a single click of your mouse.

Price : $ 27

WP BotBlocker

100s and 1000s of Bots attack wordpress sites each and every day and try to gain access to the sites by attacking the login pages of wordpress. WP BotBlocker stops this from happening. It instantly adds a level of protection to your login pages so bots can never get in or get past the protection - saving your sites from being attacked or defaced. Every WP site on the planet needs this.

Price : $ 27

Word Rank

WordRank is the future of SEO technology because it gets all the elements you need in one single place: keywords, content & SEO rankings are all done by WordRank. With WordRank you go from finding untapped profitable keywords to generating 100% unique articles around the topic and then SEO-optimizing everything in an instant. Traffic gets to you in as little as 24 hours.

Price : $ 27

WP Protect

It's a very powerful WordPress plugin that will allow your subscribers to sleep better at night knowing their site is secure from very common hacker attacks. Easily Remove Vulnerabilities, Scan For Malware, Complete Backups

Price : $ 27

Seamless SEO

What if there was a new piece of technology, which only requires a few minutes to be configured, yet can skyrocket your site to page 1 of Google in 24 hours or less? What if this same piece of technology allowed you to get a 235% increase in Traffic? Seamless SEO is the plugin that makes it all possible.

Price : $ 27

Logo Studio

Logo Studio is the world’s best logo creation software. You can get Logo Studio for the price of just 1 logo created by pro-designer and still have some pocket change left. Forget about paying outrageous fees or going with the “cheap” option but sacrifice a lot of quality - Logo Studio provides the best of both worlds.

Price : $ 27

WP FotoFinder

Find unlimited images to use on your websites, blogs and content articles instantly from within your wordpress site - FotoFinder connects to the top 5 photo sites to find you 100,000+ royalty free images to use on your site at no cost. Just enter your keyword and submit, you’ll instantly see 100s of images you can use on your site.

Price : $ 27


INSTANTLY UNCOVER MORE THAN 225,694 MILION DOLLAR CAMPAIGNS.UPDATED DAILY! Now You Can Secretly Swipe The Money-Making Facebook Ads That Your Competitors Didn’t Want You To See... => Spy on 225,694 successful Facebook ads from a DAILY UPDATED DATABASE => SEE YOUR COMPETITOR'S TEESPRING, SHOPIFY & OTHER LANDING PAGES => SEE WHICH ADS WORK BEST => SEE EXACTLY WHAT'S SELLING => SEE WHO YOUR COMPETITORS ARE SELLING TO => Find Profitable Shopify Stores & Products => Find the most Profitable Mobile Offers => Find High Converting CPA offers that are profitable on FB => Find NEW & PROFITABLE Niches that no one wants you to know => Cut the chase and start creating the right Ads campaign => Find Top Selling T-shirt designs on TeeSpring => Find out what's selling for Amazon Affiliates => SPY ON FACEBOOK MOBILE ADS => Figure out the exact AUDIENCE your competitors are targeting => Save time and money on testing multiple ad groups

Price : $ 25

Auto Lead Machine Standard

=> Find hot prospects with no research: Auto Lead Machine does all the heavy lifting in finding new leads, and it does it in minutes, not hours, so you’ll never need to trawl through Google and fill out a spreadsheet again. You click one button, and Auto Lead Machine does everything for you. => Enjoy more time on the important things in life: owning a business that lets you set your own hours, gives you far more say over what you do and when you do it… and the minute you fire up Prospectrr, you’ll be able to enjoy the next crisp November morning with a smile on your face and a spring in your step because your time will finally be your own. => Create the financial security you deserve: How much do you want to charge for your time? $50/hr, $100/hr, more…? With the kind of cash rich, video hungry clients you could find with Auto Lead Machine you’re in control of what you earn. => Make sales easier than ever before: Because Auto Lead Machine lets you filter out the hottest prospects for your business, making sales is going to be easier than getting kids to eat candy on hallowe’en. Become a successful business owner: Imagine being able to tell your friends, you’ve just closed your first, second, third big client. (Let me tell you, closing deals never gets old). => Grow your business faster than ever: With Auto Lead Machine as your secret weapon you’ll always have a ready supply of prospects… and that means one of the biggest hurdles to your business growth has just been taken away. => No cold calling or hard selling: Auto Lead Machine doesn’t just find your leads, it warms them up for you, that means by the time you come to speak with them one-on-one, they’ll already be happy to hear from you. => Make sure every lead is one you can follow: Thanks to Auto Lead Machine clever geo-locking and local search options, you’ll never waste a lead. Simply confine your targeting to a single country or even a single city - and you can be certain each lead you pursue is worth your time. => Smash through the learning curve: There’s nothing for you to set up, or learn. There are no confusing menus, or 5-hour training marathons… just enter your keyword, pick a location, hit the button. And get some leads. That’s it. => Become an instant authority in the eyes of your clients: Create an amazing first impression by suggesting improvements and weaknesses in your clients business they might not even be aware of.

Price : $ 25

Auto Lead Machine Premium with landing page builder

=> Find HOT, Ready to Buy Prospects In Minutes With just a few clicks, you can find hundreds of prospects who are a perfect fit for your services. No need to wait for them to come to you, Prospectrr helps you find them with ease. => Contact All The Leads With The Prospectrr Campaign Builder No need to try and contact each prospect one by one, you can send out a campaign to hundreds of businesses with just a few clicks. Then, you just wait for a reply - and BANG, you have a hot lead - ready to buy!

Price : $ 30