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Do you want to start making money from horse racing?

Not losing bets by a low life scam artist.

Want to take on the big boys: Bet365, Ladbrooks, SkyBet, Coral.
Look no further!

Make as much as £43,951 a month

Winners at odds up to 25/1

Start making a consistent profit

Unbeatable ROI of over 19%

Unlike the Bookies, and most ‘tipsters’ these days, I’m genuinely interested in making you money.

Bookies who give poor odds and take your cash anyway, will actually turn around and limit your account when you start to get a winning run.

Most ‘tipsters’ I come across are focused on making a quick buck themselves, and will promise you the world and unrealistic accumulator profits, whilst sending you overpriced bets that simply don’t make you money.

On the other hand, you have popular racing experts that you know you can trust – the problem with taking their advice is that they have access to the same information that the bookies do, so the odds shorten dramatically before you can even get a bet on.

Let’s face it – You are really up against it when you take the bookies on, and finding profitable angles in horse racing is harder than ever in 2019.

Backing favorites and the horses ‘most likely’ to win a race is now a fast way to go broke.

As horse racing betting is so complex, it’s tempting to try and combat it with a simple system – after all, your average punter doesn’t have time to watch replays, check bookie odds, and study form for hours.

Being a professional horse racing expert is a full time job to stay ahead of the bookies, which requires a lot of hard work, time, and skill.

Fortunately, there is an easy way for YOU to profit on horse racing, and that’s by having an expert who is on your side and wants to make you money.

I will give you all the information you need to make thousands a month, and a long term second income from horse racing – with no effort required on your part. Scroll down to find out how.

What is Back2Back Winners?

Back 2 Back Winners is our system on winning horse racing tips.

We always want to win money rather than a high amount its all about consistency when you are trying to make a steady income.

We achieve this by betting on our horses to place via an eachway bet.

An Each Way bet is when you place a bet on a horse to Win its race, and also for
it to finish in a Place paying position (normally 1st, 2nd or 3rd, depending on the
number of runners in the race).
When placing the bet you have to place half your stake on the back to win and the
other half will cover the poll positions, for example you want to bet £10 you will
place the bet like this. 

12:45 Kempton –  Back2backWinners @ 25/1 £5 back to win – £5 Eachway  but your amount place will be £10

Placing these selections just as Win bets might yield a lower strike rate, which 
is why we back our selections Each Way.

By backing horses Each Way all we need to do is land a Place position to make
a profit, which is a lot easier to do.

And if we land a First Place winner every couple of days we are able to boost
our profits even higher!

How do we select the bets?

Using years of experience we are able to pinpoint selections that represent
amazing value sometimes with odds as high as 25/1!
Our method has been refined over many years and has set us up with a
very nice lifestyle.
Here are some of the First Place Winners we have won on in recent times include 
That is not to mention all of the many many Place Position wins that bring
in the money as well!

Over the last 12 months I have had 10 profitable months.

2 month we ended up at a loss (that happens, if you can’t except that then close
the page and look for another way to make money as betting is not for you!).

How would you spend that extra cash?

When’s the last time you had winning bets hit your account?

If not, don’t worry, you’ve probably fallen into the typical “tipster” or should I say “Scam artists” trap.

Does this sound familiar?

You pay a monthly subscription.
You place bets every day. 
You bet at level stake points to win.

Then they hit the odd winner and shout from the roofs when they turn a 6pt profit, they end a month in profit and they claim it another success although you’ve paid £20-£30 per month for the privilege of making £200 over the month.

Would you work a job for £200 per month?

Let alone pay to do it?

How many of these have you joined over the last few years?

And the ones that make you £200 a month are the good ones out of the bunch.

But trust me its time to leave all these behind as I can show you how you can make HUGE profits from just a few bets per day.

I’ve had no choice but to use a pseudonym as I’m playing a very dangerous game right now…

Before I made a full-time income from betting, I was the Director of Integrity Services at the British Horse racing Authority.

I don’t know how much you know about the ins and outs or horse racing, but before any race, horses are drug tested,
Just as you would test any high end athlete, for performance enhancing substances. 

And in this business, it is the race stewards who are in charge of selecting horses to be tested… and let’s just say I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them. 

They are quite the unscrupulous bunch accepting bribes so that certain horses can avoid the anti-doping tests.

The results have been SOLID and CONSISTENT!

Nothing crazy to write home about, but overall it has made profit.

That’s what it’s all about at the end of the day right?

Each day I place between 2-5 selections on horses that I tink will WIN.

Check Tips Email, Place Bets, Withdraw Cash

Forget about the loss, frustration and complexity of other tipsters.

With Back2back Winners things are VERY different. 

Its perfect for anyone who loves to profit from betting. 
Whether you are a horse racing expert or have zero knowledge of horse
racing this will work for you.

Sat 19 October 14:10 Ascot – Kew Gardens @ 7/2 Placed 
15:10 Market Rasen – Honest Vic @ 4/1 Placed 

Sun 20 October 14:45 Kempton – Celtic Joy @ 8/1 Placed 
14:35 Cork – Zola @ 15/8 Placed 

Mon 21 October 
15:20 Pontefract – Bo Samraan @ 6/1 Placed 

16:20 Pontefract – King Power @ 11/8  Loss

14:00 Newcastle – Mamdood @ 6/1 Placed

17:20 Newmarket – Hashtagmetoo @ 10/1 Placed 


Frequently Asked Questions…

Q#1 – How much do I need to stake?A.There is no maximum or minimum staking requirements… You can start from as little as £1 or bet as much as you like. I will tell you how much I will be staking but you are your own person. You just have to decide how much you wish to bet per point. I do recommend starting small and build yourself a betting bank until you get the hang of the selections… it doesn’t take long!

Q#2 – Is this arbitrage betting?

A. The simple answer is NO! My method has nothing to do with arbitrage betting and doesn’t require a large investment to see a good return.

Q #3 – Does this only work for UK betting?

A. Being from the UK I have designed this formula to work on betting in the UK. I do
not know what bookmakers in other countries allow, but if you can bet on UK horse
racing on horses to win then you can take advantage of my selections. Please check
this before you sign up. I personally use Betfair.

Q#4 – Do I need special software for the system to work?

A. No software is needed and there is nothing else to use or subscribe to in order to
use my service.

Q#5 – Are there any upsells?

A. There are no upsells or recurring fees. The price you pay is for 1 full months access
for my service. Pretty much what you see is what you get! If you like what you see and
want to extend your membership after that you can pay for another month or a longer period at a discounted rate.

Q#6 – Will this method work for me?

A. I know you’ll be thinking that this won’t work for you. Only someone good with maths
or has previous betting history could use this right? Wrong, I’ve made this dead simple
and easy to follow so anyone can follow it and profit right away.

Q#7 – How and when are the tips delivered?

A. Each morning you will receive an email with the selections to place and these will usually be sent before 9am GMT to give you enough time to place the days bets.

Now for the BIG QUESTION…

How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?…

£300, £100 … try £29.99!

Yes, a measly £29.99 is all it takes for a years access!

Normally I charge £17 per month for access, but for a very limited time I’m running
a special offer where you can get a FULL access for JUST £30.00!

You just pay a small (one time) fee – Just ONCE and you’ll receive Instant Access to
my tried and tested Eachway Winning System direct to your inbox. 
You can use to cash in for the next month… That’s ONLY £1.00 Per Day for a month.
To receive life time of my tips.

After that and if you like the profit my selections make you can just register for another month at full price or a longer term at a discounted rate. It’s pretty much like a pay as
you go mobile phone, once you’re credit runs out, if you want to use it again you just
top it up.

NO recurring billing… Just straight up pay-as-you-go payment plans.

It really is that simple!

Now I could easily be like everyone else and charge you much more for access.

I make REAL money using my system – not selling it.

The small fee just goes towards the time it’s cost me to put all this together
for you plus setting up and running the website.

I’m so confident that you’ll be totally BLOWN AWAY with my system…I’m going to take all the RISK away from you and give you a full 60 days to
try it out to see what it can do for you too.

If for some reason you refuse to make money with this (even though ANYONE can)…

Or..If you feel this is not right for you (and quite frankly if this isn’t for you,
I don’t know what is)…

I will give you 100% of you money back.

That’s my promise to you.

All I ask is that you give this a try and just see what it can do for you.

I can’t be fairer than that.

You get to try my All The Winners service out for a FULL 30 days!

And if you’re not 100% happy with the results…

I’ll return your complete investment.

This really is a completely RISK FREE opportunity.

I like to keep an eye on rival tipsters, unfortunately I find the majority either
secretive or just downright deceptive.

There are actually tipsters claiming 90%+ win rates and not showing their losing
bets. It’s sad and pathetic.

This is why i’ve spent the past 5 months documenting every bet I’ve tipped before
going public. 

Not only that I’ve given early access to a select group of members for feedback

Please view what some of my trial members have to say about the service…

I just wanted to say thanks for the most enjoyable week of betting I’ve ever had. From the first race we were sitting pretty and you repeated the trick in the very last race to end on a high! Your ability to pick big priced winners from big field races, regardless of the changing conditions, is incredible. Thanks again!

Superb day! Hi, Just wanted to say a massive thanks for yesterday’s amazing day. I had a Lucky 15 on as well which returned well over 15k on its own! With the singles as well
over 18k profit on the day, amazing! Needless to say I went
out for a few beers after. Thanks again

Just a quick note to say extreme thanks for this week. I have not been with you long but realize and appreciate the amount of effort that’s goes into creating great weeks like this!  You enable many members to enjoy more special moments and enable them with the funds to create great long lasting memories! Keep up the good work. Tim!

As a veteran punter I am always looking for a good tool to add to my belt. I’ve had nothing but great results since joining and I hope they continue for a long time to come. I’ve had so many winning weeks that I’ve started telling people about your service. I don’t know how you do it but I never expected a racing service to do this well.

Since joining I have made over £750. I’m about to up the stakes and bring in even more. You’re the best

Success is just a single click away. Why not grab it now whist you still can.
What do you have to lose?

There are only limited places available so you must act quickly!

P.S This system is extremely simple to use. If you have any queries, you have my customer support team at your beck and call. Also, you have my unconditional 60 Days money back guarantee. This offer is completely risk free for you. Come on in, right now and take complete control of your finances.

P.S.S.: Don’t let this offer go. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Buck up and grab your copy now.


Click here to get Eachwaywinningsystem at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Eachwaywinningsystem is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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